Young tourist woman swinging on the cliff in the jungle rainforest of a tropical Bali island, Indonesia.

Sustainable Travel on a Budget in Bali

When you participate in a Development Together placement we advise and assist you to get the appropriate visa. Often this visa will allow you some additional travel days either before or after the placement dates. Something you may be wondering about it is how you will spend your time overseas and what you can do on a budget to make the most of this opportunity.

On our Bali placement you will have the chance to enjoy affordable shopping, day trips and tours that can be experienced on a budget! Some of these activities include:

Visiting the markets: The markets in Bali are renown for their cheap prices. Most markets offer products of relatively good value at an affordable cost. This can include; shoes, clothes, artwork, leather goods, sunglasses and homewares etc. Markets can be found almost anywhere, just make sure your bartering skills are up to scratch in order to pay what you consider fair! When contemplating which markets to buy from, it is important to think about who you are actually purchasing from. We recommend making the conscious effort to buy from female vendors. This will allow Balinese women to support and be able to provide for their families.

Shopping for bargains at the markets

Boat Trip to Nusa Lembongan Island: Nusa Lembongan is a beautiful island surrounded by clear turquoise water and an impressive display of reef. Many activities can be undertaken on this island such as snorkelling, bike riding, eating with the locals and exploring some of Bali’s most picturesque beaches. *Prices for travelling return from Nusa Lembongan can be estimated at $50 AUD. Currently, Bali is trialling solar panelled boats to reduce the impact that fuel powered engines has on this pristine environment. Once these boats become available we would recommend you choose this option of eco-friendly transportation. If you’re planning on snorkelling at this picturesque island it would be advised to look into reef-friendly sunscreen. This is due to some sunscreens containing chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs, so choose “reef safe or “water safe” sunscreens with fewer or no chemical additives to protect the reefs.

Snorkelling at Nusa Lembongan

Guided Cycling Tour: Bike tours take place through the rice fields, temples and traditional villages in Ubud, Bali. Whilst enjoying the stunning scenery away from the touristy streets of Bali, you are given the opportunity to learn about the Balinese culture. Your guide leads the tour explaining every encounter along the way. Some companies offer a great range of deals and packages that can include meeting locals, seeing how rice farming is conducted and eating at a local restaurant. *The bike tours start from only $55 AUD. We highly encourage you to think about which company you chose to economically benefit the local communities that you ride through. Whilst on this tour we recommend taking plastic free water bottles and snacks such as fruit so you aren’t required to find a bin for any plastic wrappers. It is important to remain environmentally conscious wherever you are. (And don’t forget to wear your bike helmet!)

Cycling through the jungle

Spa Day: Maybe you’re someone who loves to relax and enjoy a spa day every once in a while? Spa Salons are located almost everywhere in Bali and can range in pricing. There are many massage salons on the side of the streets that are extremely cheap. Whilst they’re not your typical five-star salon, they are still very good and very affordable. *Prices can start from $5 AUD depending on how long and what you would like done. If massages aren’t for you, then treatments such as manicures, pedicures and hair treatments/styling are also offered. We recommend getting massages from ladies on the beach or small salons on the side of the streets rather than visiting bigger salons. It is important to support local businesses to encourage financial independence and security.

Enjoy a massage overlooking the ocean

Surfing Lessons: Whilst Bali is renown for their great surf breaks, the beach is also a great place for beginners. Even if you’ve never attempted to surf, the Balinese offer a great range of classes for people at all levels. They teach the key basics and focus on surf safety. It is most popular to hire boards along Kuta and Legian beach. *Prices can start from $10 AUD for only 1 hour! Make sure to rent a board from a reputable company that includes a life jacket. It would also be wise to consider what company you choose to hire from. We suggest hiring from locals that are set up on the beach as this supports local employment and creates jobs for the future.

Surfing lessons at the beach

Whatever you choose to do in your downtime in Bali, be sure to research, and consider the safety and health implications before undertaking any of these activities. Bali is an amazing place to experience a different culture, with hospitable and friendly locals. Being able to give back as you enjoy yourself makes a trip like this even more worthwhile and rewarding.

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