Education/Dietetics/Nutrition/Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Pathology

12 participants

  • Who: Volunteer with our not-for-profit partner at a centre for children with disabilities for between 2-4 weeks. Work with staff to ensure referrals, assessments and implementation of individualised treatment plans occur at this progressive, early intervention facility. OR volunteer at a rehabilitation military hospital for returned soldiers with significant neurological and spinal injuries and collaborate with staff as they focus on rehabilitation therapy and getting clients back into their own homes.
  • What: Work under the guidance of an Australian Health Professional (Speech Therapist), in small inter-professional groups with infants, children and adult clients. You will work collaboratively with local staff to apply current therapies and practices to enhance client outcomes, and provide professional education for local staff.
  • Where: Lviv, Ukraine (1 hour flight to Kyiv)
  • When:
    • Group 1 2019:
      • 23rd June to 6th July (2 weeks)
      • 23rd June to 13th July (3 weeks)
      • 23rd June to 20th July (4 weeks)
      • Applications close 28th April 2019!
    • Group 2 2020:
      • 17th January to 31st January (2 weeks)
      • 17th January to 7th February (3 weeks)
      • 17th January to 14th February (4 weeks)
      • Applications are now open.
  • Duration: 2, 3 or 4 Weeks (you may choose to leave after the first 2 weeks)
  • Suitable for: Dietetics, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Education (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary) university and college students (incl. Post Grad and Masters students) who have completed at least 1st year of their studies. Also open to Professionals.
  • Fees:
    • Group 1 2019 (high season)
      • 2 weeks: $2805 USD
      • 3 weeks: $3309 USD
      • 4 weeks: $3740 USD
      • Click on "More Info" for inclusions
    • Group 2 2020 (low season)
      • 2 weeks: $2705 USD
      • 3 weeks: $3209 USD
      • 4 weeks: $3640 USD
      • Click on "More Info" for inclusions
  • Applications close: 8 weeks prior to departure

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