Development Together Benjamin Engineering Work experience

Benjamin’s Engineering Experience in Cambodia

  1. Why did you join Development Together on an Engineering Volunteer Project?

I joined Development Together because I saw this as such an amazing opportunity not only to work as an Engineer in the real world, but also to help better the lives of real people. Development Together catered to the needs of a young and striving engineer like me in seeking for a platform to develop and discover a new chapter of my career and life.

  1. What are 3 words to describe your experience with Development Together?


  1. Unanticipated! Stepping into Phnom Penh on the 17th December 2017, my mind was trying to prepare myself for what this placement would bring and its challenges ahead. After two whole months, “unanticipated” will be the word used to describe the work, the adventures and the people. Nothing could have prepared me for such an eye-opening experience.
  2. Hospitable! The love and hospitality shown by the Cambodian people is unparalleled. The team called us family the moment we arrived and continue to do so till this day. They were some of the most genuine group of people I have ever met.
  3. Growth! Six individuals from different parts of Australia formed a team that had vision and direction to serve the people of Cambodia as Engineers. We all grew not only in our exposure as real world Engineers, but we also grew to respect and honour each other after all that we had been through. Strangers when we met, brothers when we left.


  1. What advice do you have for future Engineers?


Be brave and take on experiences like this. Be willing to be exposed to what is outside of the four walls of university. Find purpose in what you do and do it well. The books, the equations and the calculations that you dreaded studying for over the past few years could help a family believe in hope that there is a better tomorrow.

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