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5 Reasons to Intern Remotely

While travel bans are in place and many domestic on-site internships are not available, a Remote Internship is the perfect alternative for university students and new graduates to gain industry skills and experience.

Taking part in a Development Together remote internships means you will work collaboratively on a sustainable community development project within a small group, to assist communities in the developing world. Our Remote Internships are personalised to suit student’s disciplines and allow them to engage in work experience relevant to their chosen industry.

When completing a Remote Internship, many aspects of a traditional internship still apply, such as receiving support from a qualified Australian industry professional, liaising with like-minded teammates and partnering with a Not-For-Profit Organisation, however instead of doing this face to face, students will have these encounters online.

Why Complete a Remote Internship?

Working with an overseas Not-For-Profit Organisation allows students to learn about the culture of another country, and how they can help improve conditions for a community in the developing world. Through the work they complete on their Internship, students will be able to interact with people on the other side of the world and see firsthand how the project has benefited the community.

Compared to an Overseas Internship, a Remote Internship is a much more affordable option. A Remote Internship gives students the opportunity to work globally without needing to worry about travel expenses such as: flights, accommodation, insurance and more.

The competitive price of a Development Together Remote Internship covers all aspects of the internship including: orientation, skills development workshops, ongoing support from an Australian Industry Professional and a donation to our Not-For-Profit partners.

When working remotely, a student’s skills in digital communication, time management, self-discipline, focus and the ability to be self-motivated will develop over the course of an Internship. The skills developed while Interning Remotely can be applied throughout the course of a student’s career, regardless of whether they work remotely or on-site.

The ability to set goals, focus and take initiative in one’s Internship will carry over to success in future employment. Furthermore, when working with software and other online programs, students will learn to navigate these systems and solve basic technical issues independently.

A Development Together Remote Internship places students into a small groups with other students who have similar career goals and study a similar discipline. This allows students to network, share ideas and opinions, develop inter-professional skills and potentially gain friends/colleagues for the rest of their career.

A Remote Internship also gives students the opportunity to work with a qualified Australian Industry Professional who will guide them through the process and support their work on a specific project. Increasing one’s professional network is an effective way to gain employment opportunities in the future, as many available positions are filled without posting a public job listing.

A Remote Internship can be completed anywhere a student has access to a smart device and a Wi-Fi connection, allowing for freedom to travel locally and complete the internship wherever is convenient for the student. It also allows students to complete a part time Internship while studying full time. Working from home also removes travel time and any commutes from the equation, which allows for time to be allocated to other things.

If this is something that you would like to be involved with, have a chat to your university Work Placement Coordinator/Clinical Placement Coordinator, or get in touch with us here at Development Together via our website: or via our email We look forward to hearing from you!

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