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3 Ways to Make Your Travel Memories Last a Lifetime

When you travel with Development Together, you will make memories that you want to remember forever. And you can! Here are three creative ways to make sure that you will have these experiences stored away for not only yourself, but also to show your family and friends.


1. Journal

Journaling throughout your trip is not only good to be able to remember your trip but is also a fun way to reflect on your days and fully take in and experience each and every moment on the trip. You can journal in many different ways and really let your inner creativity flow as you write down and sketch out your experiences. It is also a cheap way of creating memories as all you need is a Note Book and a Pen.


2. Create a photo wall

Creating a photo wall is a great way to showcase your experiences to your friends and family and can be a great way to reminisce on your memories. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your photo wall depending on how much time you want to spend and how creative you are feeling. Photo walls can vary in price depending on what elements you would like included and how many photos you would like to showcase. Photo walls are easier than ever nowadays as most phone cameras have good enough quality to capture what you will need. However, if you do have a more professional quality camera, we would recommend that you bring it along with you on your trip.


3. Create a short film

This one requires a little more time and expertise. However, creating a short film from your trip is an awesome and entertaining way to show your experience to all your friends as you can upload it to social media for them to see. There are many different types of short films that you can create from a Vlog to a Highlight Reel depending on how comfortable you feel. We highly recommend using an action camera such as a GoPro to record your film with as they are compact, durable and inexpensive (depending on which model you choose).

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